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Videos to Supplement My Recent Post

2009 February 1
by Roldine Richard

“Rhinoplasty Before and After-Follow Experience of Ethnic Rhinoplasty Patient”*:


If you have the time it’s interesting to look at what the comments were to these videos, the ratings, and the “more info” section.

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  1. Natasha permalink
    February 1, 2009

    Was watching the second video…. Interesting to hear the marketer and client’s pitch. One statement that the client made about the website where Dr. S. markets his plastic surgery struck me: “It’s a very detailed site. You can go in there and see one of the procedures itself, and it’s categorized as far as ethnic noses, Caucasian noses, lips, etc., etc.” Seems very technological, very “Scientific Fix” (as Erik Parens describes Priscilla Alderson’s discussion in the Introduction chapter of “Thinking about Surgically Shaping Children”, p. xxv), like jars on a shelf from which one can pick and choose. I guess at heart it’s very cyborg, mixing technological “fixes” with a person, a woman.

    It frustrates me in light of Victoria Banales’ article “The Politics of Cosmetic Surgery” to think about women feeling societal pressure to change themselves and their faces — the native women of Peru seem to be going through similar issues as the (presumably American?) woman in this video, a model who was critiqued explicitly by “society” or at least the people for whom she models. It is scary, sad, disturbing to me that people will undergo surgery, will changes themselves and their identity, in order to fit in with the outside world just slightly more.

    However this gets back to Alderson’s article, and the range of circumstances that might cause someone to change themselves, some of which I am able to understand more than others. It is interesting to observe how I am more or less comfortable with people getting surgery for cleft lips but not for beauty reasons (both of which are solutions to psychosocial rather than physiological issues): I am rejecting societal standards of “what is normal” but only up to a point. Why do I (and even Alderson, it seems) have this point past which I’m suddenly OK with someone being normalized?

  2. April 20, 2009

    Any idea what nose job would cost in iran?

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