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Technology as an Extension of Humanity.

2009 February 2
by Alexandra Funk

I’ve always thought about gender as being something fluid, as a spectrum. However, I’ve never considered the idea of technology being an extension of humanity. But it makes so much sense. I like this idea a lot. The Doctor talked about this in her introduction post and Solomon has mentioned some things about it as well (see comments of said introduction post).

It seems natural to me. Technology, generally speaking, comes from humanity. It is a part of humanity. Finding new ways to use and manipulate what we have to work with is what being a human is all about. This is like an epiphany, seriously I’m so giddy about this right now.

As Anne knows, I was once one of those “Technology is terrifying and will destroy everything I understand and actually know how to use” kind of people. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since then because my views have done a complete 180. ( well I mean not completely…we all have irrational fears of an I Robot-like uprising, right?) Since my mind started to wrap around technology, I’ve realized that the things I don’t understand are the beautiful things. Learning something new is what makes life interesting. Similarly, I don’t fully understand gender and I think gender is beautiful. It is an extension of the self, a way of expressing who you are. Gender is the fashion statement of our generation.

“We’ll possibly start identifying as sentient rather that just human.” This is a wonderful thought. To have consciousness and perception be the defining features of any person or thing ( yes I believe Artificial Intelligence can reach a human-like plane and yes I think it has the potential to be awesome) would be so liberating.

Currently we are stuck in our idea of what humanity should be, rather than what it has been gradually becoming (whether we like it or not). Technology and humanity are not becoming fused, they began fused and the bond between the two grows stronger everyday.

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