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Reading on Transsexuality

2009 February 8
by Marwa

I read the Sandy Stone article, and I too felt frustrated over some of the quotes mentioned. The parts that were standing out while I was reading the article were when the authors of the autobiographies were talking about the vast difference they felt the moment they got sex change surgery.

“I feel small, and neat. I am not small in fact, and not terribly neat either, but femininity conspires to make me feel so.”

“My shoes make my feet look more delicate than they are, besides giving me… a suggestion of vulnerability that I rather like.”

“I wanted to brighten my face with cosmetics. I wanted a strong man to protect me.”

“Now there was a perfectly humble woman, who was ready to obey, who was happy to submit herself to the will of another… her master, her creator, her Professor.”

“It is now Lili who is writing to you. I am sitting up in my bed in a silk nightdress with lace trimming, curled, powdered, with bangles, necklace, and rings…”

Gender seems to have very stereotypical roles here. As Stone mentions, “If there is any intervening space in the continuum of sexuality, it is invisible.” The other part that really stood out was how Sparre felt a complete change in his writing after the surgery – the script looked female and not male anymore, even though handwriting is something that is acquired.

2 Responses
  1. aaclh permalink
    February 10, 2009

    Would you feel the same kind of frustration about these quotations if women had said them instead of transwomen? I am not trying to attack your frustration here, I am simply curious. -aaclh

  2. Marwa permalink
    February 15, 2009

    I think I would have been frustrated no matter who said it. The lines are very stereotypical, which is why it bothered me.

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