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‘The Swan’

2009 February 9
by ppais

I know that I should have posted this a week ago but it just came to me as I was reading the posts about cosmetic surgery. I remember watching a TV show called ‘The Swan‘ that dealt with transforming women who were ‘ugly’ (I put that in quotes since I’m not comfortable with calling them that – who am I to judge?) into ‘beautiful creatures’ through cosmetic surgery, exercising, eating right etc. etc. This show took in two women at a time and were given 3 months to change, at the end of which one of the two would be chosen to proceed to the beauty contest based on their progress, their attitude, their determination. Also, they weren’t allowed any mirrors at all during the 3 months so they had no idea what they looked like. Any woman found with a mirror would be disqualified.

The contestants who made it to the beauty pageant in the first season.

The contestants who made it to the beauty pageant in the first season.

What is interesting is the opinion my friend expressed when I mentioned the show to her. She was angry about the entire concept because she didn’t understand how some people could spend all that time trying to make a woman who considered herself ugly into a ravishing creature and then tell her that SHE STILL WASN”T GOOD ENOUGH! How can you crush someone like that and live with your conscience??
For more thoughts on the show, I found this article.

2 Responses
  1. Natasha permalink
    February 10, 2009

    Personally I think the people look more “beautiful” before they were changed (though I realize this is me putting _my_ judgement on them, and also me thinking about exterior “beauty” whatever that means). They look like actual people, not models built in someone else’s image, in the media’s “you (women) must be slim and wear fancy clothes to be pretty” image. And why is such a contest only for women?

  2. kei permalink
    April 18, 2009

    I wach “beautiful”
    ฉันชอบมากอยาหให้มีรายการแบบนี้อีกถ้าเป็นไปได้อยากให้เป็นคนทั่วโลกไปเข้าร่วมยังกะคนที่เคยมา The Swan Pageant แล้วเพราถ้ามีฉันคงอยากเป็น 1ในนั้น เพราะถ้าเลอได้ฉันอยากผ่าตัวเปลี่ยนร่างเลยละเพราฉัรเดินไปไหนใครๆๆก็จะพูดว่า ขอหัวฉันได้ไหม(ความหมายของเค้ากำลังบอกฉันว่าฉันนะสวยแต่เสียดายไม่สมกับร่างกายฉันเลย)ฉันทรมารมากกับสิ่งที่ทุกคนพูดถ้าวงการแพทย์มีตัดหัวกับร่างสลับกันฉันของเป็นหน่อยกล้าตายคนแรกเลยละ T_T

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