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Some math

2009 February 18
by Maddie

I had a great time preparing to be The Terminator for the panel today. I got to be a female dressed as a cyborg dressed as a man– you don’t get that opportunity everyday! Did you all notice how well I transformed into my character?! Yeah, I didn’t think so. I told my roommate about the panel assignment, and asked how I should prepare, and she said “i dunno, don’t wash your hair and wear some boots”. Is that how you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well shit, I look like him 3-5 times a week.

Despite my failed Terminator embodiment, I honestly put a decent amount of effort into it. I wore some work boots, my least form fitting pants, a sports bra and a black tank top (sorry, a WIFE BEATER, except when marketed towards females, then its a BOY BEATER.). I didn’t wear make up, didn’t wash my hair and even took my nail polish off. When I left my apartment, one of my guy friends said “jeez, someone just rolled out of bed”. But I could tell by the look on his face that what he really meant was “whoa, the Terminator”.

okay, POINT: with my best attempt to dress like a cyborg-man using just what I owned, Id say the only thing I had going for me was nothing I put on, but instead my athletic, small-chested figure. Maybe from a distance someone would mistake me for a lean, mean… 13 year old boy, but that’s about it. Why is it that in my mind, dressing like a man isn’t adding male elements, but instead stripping away female elements?

day after day I add make up, I add hair products, I add push-up bras, add high heels, add waist defining clothing…Referring to the (controversial) definition I came across last week, to be female is to lack a y-chromosome and a penis. I lack both of those to the best of my knowledge– then why do I subtract in an effort to appear masculine? Someone in class said that without the addition of testosterone, the default sex would be female. Without the addition of make up, and hair products, and push-up bras and high heels, I attempted to be more masculine. Is the default gender male?

on a different note, Law and Order SVU last night was about a transgender teen, and her transgender guidance counselor. I didn’t get a chance to watch the whole episode, but did find a clip:

also, a blog talking more about the episode for those interested.


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  1. Ryan permalink
    February 20, 2009

    The idea that the default gender is male, coupled with the fact that the default sex is female, just completely and totally cracks me up. I wish I had something more intelligent and composed to say about it, but all I can do is giggle.

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