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Tough Guise

2009 February 18
by ZY

In response to Aline’s earlier post: after listening to the panel today, I had the same Friends episode in my head as well (when Ross gives Ben the G.I. Joe because he caught Ben playing with a Barbie)!!! And something else that came to mind when thinking about G.I. Joe was this speaker who came to my high school, Jackson Katz, a anti-sexist male activist, to talk about how the media and pop culture portray men as being tough and strong and how these stereotypes and ubiquitous figures of ideal men, lead to gender violence (domestic and sexual). Here is a short clip of a larger documentary created by Jackson Katz, called Tough Guise:

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  1. Aline permalink
    February 18, 2009

    Hi ZY!
    I enjoyed the video “Tough Guise.” It made me think of my psych 101 class, when we learned that there is no correlation between violent televison and aggression in children. I still think it has an affect, but I wonder how much exercise certain kids get. Perhaps, there is a correlation between exercise and aggression. I think that the television has caused an indirect correlation between violence and kids, especially boys, because it can enforced a sedentary lifestyle. Many media sources and parents express stereotypical gender roles, which I feel could be why boys (in general) are more aggressive than girls. But then again, I am not exactly sure why. What do you think? Why is violence usually istigated by males and why are females the victims in a lot of cases?

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