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Techno Fan

2009 February 22
by Farhat Rahman

I am an avid lover of electronic music genres such as trance, techno and house. One of my friends introduced me to these genres (which I didn’t understand when I was a kid) and I became possessed by this music. Basically trance occupies a tempo of 130 to 160 BPN and incorporates a complexity of melody and harmony within its music. Some of the world’s best DJ’s include Tiesto, Bob Sinclair, Eric Prydz, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, David Guetta, Kaskade and ATB. There are a lot of subgenres within trance itself such as classic, acid and progressive trance. All of them have their own ways of uplifting the entire crowd, especially in the trance festivals held in Europe. So the question pops up, is music being diverted away from one’s natural talents such as voice and melody to the technological aspects of it such as electronic fusion?

I came across an article, which described how a crazed Tiesto fan almost murdered his mother just to see DJ Tiesto himself who reigns supreme within the electronic dance music scenes. It is quite disturbing to observe that technology had such an effect on the world of trance which can cause fans to behave in such a manner. Media has such life altering effects on the mindsets of its consumers that people fail to differentiate between right and wrong. Some forms of technology do blind us from our sense of self. Music, movies and advertisements can dictate our lifestyles tremendously. Going to a Tiesto concert will somehow miraculously make you more complete, I guess that’s what the fan thought since he resorted to violence against his own mother. We are all part of this technological and socializing bubble that we cannot escape from even if we wanted to. I don’t think anyone wants to stop utilizing all this technology that surrounds us. I mean, I will never stop listening to House and Trance music and I might start a brawl with my parents if they don’t let me go to a Tiesto concert (no, I won’t try to murder my mom!) and my friend will keep on using her BlackBerry. As Tyler Durden from Fight Club did say, ‘The things you own end up owning you.’

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  1. February 23, 2009

    I guess this all depends on how far you let this “Technology” take you, I mean so many people take it serious obviously being avid music lovers, but to what extreme is always your choice. If you go ahead and do something offensive towards someone else then I would say this is to do with your mental state rather than the easy option of pointing the finger at the things we do or enjoy in life.

    Many people say Computer Games are the result of misbehaving children, they resort to violence because they shoot people on lets say the PS3, this is in my opinion is utter nonsense. I think its more about how unsocial children can become after hours of playing games none stop. Simple option, take your child to a doctor if he / she starts to show signs of a mental pattern change.

    I think playing or doing anything by obsessive natures can effect us in many ways, but this can be from eating to much, to much TV and the like. I think claiming to know the reason for this young mans behavior towards his mother, and stating that it is all down to being an electronic lover or follower of such a large DJ, Tiesto in this case is somewhat rediculous.

    Everyone can sit and point the finger for many things in life, they can also claim to know all the reasons but fact is, we don’t know why people react to things differently than others, it’s just the way of life now. We need to help these people, get them some help to find the truth. Sitting down and writing about this helps this young man and his mother how?

    I think all in all is just another case of how the world is now, and how life in itself effects humans. Every day pressures to be something or part of something is stronger now than ever, most youngsters feel somewhat Alien if they don’t feel part of something big or special.

    Missing out on these things hurts us all, but to what degree does this effect you? If sometimes you feel the need to hurt someone you love in life to get what your wanting, then this to me as it should you, make you feel the strong need to visit a quack if not, the question is why not?

    That to me is where the truth in this article lies.

  2. February 23, 2009

    May I also so what a neat way to bring in people lol good job keep it up!

  3. February 23, 2009

    I realise that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that, however, to point the finger at technology (particularly within the dance music scence) is utter tosh.

    I’m a huge fan of The Prodigy and very rarely do you come across a producer who uses more technology (on and off stage) than Liam Howlett. As a fan I have been hugely disappointed to have missed so many of their shows post 1997, but I wouldn’t have said that was enough to push me (or any other sane person) towards violent tendancies.

    I’m with Citybeat on this one in that if said musical and technological advances are pushing a person to the edge of their own sanity then perhaps they’d best check themselves into a psychiatric clinc because there is clear something more fundamentally wrong with their noggin.

  4. February 23, 2009

    hahah howdo Silvah 🙂 what you doing here nosey boy lol

  5. February 23, 2009

    LMAO you posted up the link to here on the site ya dozy mare ;o)

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