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Is Social Networking Killing You?

2009 February 25
by Alexandra Funk

An article on the NY Times website caught my eye today and I thought I would share it with the class. Not so much for the content of the article, rather for a comment that was left by one the readers.

The Health Effects of Social Networking

Here’s the comment of interest:

“Anyone aware of critiques of technics in advance of the advent of so-called social networking already understood every bit of this.

Yet social networking and all manner of technophilia will continue no matter the clear impact on human mental and physical health. Why? Because they are integral to the project of preparing humans to become cyborgs.

One need not read scientific journals and the writings of “futurists” to understand what we are becoming. Paying attention to popular periodicals tells the tale quite well.”

— Henry Hughes

I want to write more. Have a lack of time. Will link to this post from next one.

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  1. Baibh Cathba permalink
    March 2, 2009

    This is so cool! I love this question. Furthermore, is this kind of thing upsetting the circadian rhythm cycles of sleep by giving us bright lights?

    Also… Is it really fair to say that the internet is shortening our att….

    ‘Scuse me, attention span?

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