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Adventures in SL

2009 April 7
by Cleo Calbot

RE: Second Life

I would like to express my frustration with the whole customizing your avatar thing from the first screen. Not only is it difficult, but editing certain articles of clothing have the averse effect of forcing you to remove them. One of the other people in the tutorial zone spent about 10 minutes “shouting” at my avatar, “No tienes pantalones!”

So, despite getting off to a rocky start (i.e. getting clipped inside a building for about a 1/2 an hour), I actually (I really hesitate to use this word) enjoyed myself playing Second Life. I found some free accessories/clothes/hair, so I went crazy. For a while, I ran around in a full ball-gown with neon green hair.

I found it interesting that the most entertaining aspect of playing thus far was the customization and creation of the outfits. Instead of it being an online interaction, I felt more like I was playing the Sims.

I had some interaction with people, besides the Pants Guy, including some guy who apparently thought I was a Mod (does Second Life have those), and another who wanted either cyber sex, or a watch. The grammar and spelling were bad enough that I gave up trying to translate.

Also, there are a lot of mature islands. I think I actually came across a sex dungeon/bondage island(?) (which is one of the closest islands to the avatar creation site, huh), but there was no one there. Also, I found a group gathering and discussing their purple penis hovercraft. That entertained me for some time.

I will be interested to hear about other people’s experiences tomorrow.

EDIT: I removed the images because they’re too large and the website can’t support them.

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  1. April 8, 2009

    Now maybe you see how it’s possible to accidentally remove all your clothes. 🙂

    As a WoW player, I found SL to be incredibly frustrating in that movements in WoW are quite intuitive and fluid. I do like hanging with some far-flung colleagues as it’s nice to “see” them instead of just hearing them or watching them write text. But we don’t move much. We usually sit on the ground or at a table and chat.

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