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Disco-tech in Luxembourg

2009 April 7
by Alexandra Funk

From the title of my post I’m sure you can all assume that my small group did not stick with the medieval MUD prompt. Instead we created a disco-tech in Luxembourg. I don’t want to give away their characters (I’m hoping they will comment to explain their own), but I will tell you mine:

I am a Swedish hipster, meaning I wear bright bold colors that make me look artistic and aloof. My skin is very pale. At the disco-tech they call me the smoke machine because I stand around (never dance) and smoke a whole lot of cigarettes. My name is yellowTights.

We talked about a bunch of different things and to be honest, I wasn’t a very good scribe as I got caught up in the excitement of it all. Here is what I managed to get down:

– in the real world you can have a purely physical relationship, whereas online you are forced to communicate with your extramarital partner thus creating a more intimate relationship. It is harder (for the person being cheated on) to know what to do with an online relationship. We don’t really know what it means.

-for the class any avatar we make feels like it should represent what we actually look like physically. It’s like Laura’s question about work changing how you represent yourself online (because the people you interact with in this particular world really know what you look like). The context definitely matters.

-also a virtual world is only useful if you can use it to experience something you can’t do or are hindered from doing in your real life. For example, switching genders, being a frog, becoming more assertive, etc.

Well that’s what I got. If you’re from my small group please elaborate on anything I may have left out!

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  1. Carrie permalink
    April 8, 2009

    So my character is described as follows…

    My name is Pedro, and I am a squirrel of the chapstick lesbian variety. I have a twin brother, Sweet Cheeks, and together we spend most of our time at the Disco-tech with Saturday Night Fever. We’re known to wear STAFF tee shirts and glittery booty shorts which are perfect for dancing!

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