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Bryn Mawr in 2nd Life

2009 April 8
by Hillary

So I have spent alot of time in second life because two summers ago I helped build part of Bryn Mawr’s campus there. It’s really pretty so you should all check it out. If you have second life when you click on MAP you can search for Teaching 3 then you click teleport. We own part of the island, but it’s pretty obvious which part it is. Any way I thought I would share some pics of it and a nice picture of my Avatar and Alex’s avatar together on Bryn Mawr’s campus.

I also went around second life last night and decided that an interesting place to see a lot of people was a dance club. I was there for awhile, it was mostly female avatars, but at the end there was a man with a fake phallus attached to the front of his avatar. At first I just kinda laughed because he looked ridiculous, but he started dancing next me and it well kept bumping into me. Then the male avatar, well types “oh alexsandra” and I was out of there so fast. I am so glad I had a home set to bryn mawr so that i could teleport there and that i didn’t have a group floating above my name so he wouldn’t have associated my avatar with some group. In all my time on second life that is the only time some one has tried to do that, and i think that it is interesting that mostly i thought it was ridiculous, and not really offensive. Maybe because it was really just happen stance because of the dance programing of my avatar and his avatar that made him “bump” into me, but at the same time i did feel the need to get out the club quick when it became more obvious what he was trying to do. I also think i managed to not be to phased by the incident because i feel pretty comfortable with the controls and ways on second life so that i felt relatively in control. But yeah moral of the story be aware of the surroundings and know how to teleport somewhere safe easily.

3 Responses
  1. Alexandra Funk permalink
    April 8, 2009

    Yay we and BMC dans Second Life are super cool!

  2. Aline permalink
    April 18, 2009

    Hi Hillary! I was wondering if I could interview you after class on monday about Second Life and how you helped create a BMC island. It would be for my multimedia project.

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