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you seem to have misplaced your BELLYBUTTON.

2009 April 8
by Maddie

some interesting ads I pulled from magazines today…

The first one I thought was interesting because it was an ad for some age defying product, but the ‘person’ is actually a mannequin. So… Are we striving to have skin like a mannequin? or is this some attempt to remove the pressure on the consumer to look like the (airbrushed) magazine models?

The next ad was just an awesome find. From the flawless pages of SELF magazine, I am proud to present the hottest new summer trend: NO BELLYBUTTONS!

“Change Anyone’s Mind: Want to convince someone she should follow your lead?

yeah, I’m not following no bellybutton Betty anywhere.

Simply… hillarious.

2 Responses
  1. April 8, 2009

    Wow the second ad is ridiculous, BUT I was talking to my friend who is on the track team with me and she is extremely embarrassed by her “outie” bellybutton- embarrassed enough that she wants to have surgery in the future to either remove it or make it more aesthetically pleasing. We also talked about how there is a famous model who was born without a bellybutton (due to scarring or something like that) and that in photographs, they have to photoshop a bellybutton onto her so she looks more natural. And now they’re talking about no bellybuttons as a new trend? That is insane.

  2. The Doctor permalink
    April 9, 2009

    I’ve always thought bellybuttons (especially outies) were adorable, so the idea of painting over them is just nuts. Come on, are we supposed to believe these women sprung from their parents’ heads fully formed, no umbilical cord? That picture doesn’t look sexy, it looks unnatural, because you’re looking at it and know that something vital, something that virtually all humans have is missing. And it’s groooooss ew.

    Unless this is an add for clones grown in test tubes or something, in which case, we should be respectful of the differently-nurtured.

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