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Facebook and Work

2009 April 25
by George

One Swiss woman discovered the problems with her online presence on Facebook and her work. She was fired after telling her boss that she had a migraine too painful for work and then was caught by a coworker when she started using her facebook. Read the article here.

I know that now that I am searching for jobs I am considering just blocking my Facebook account or deactivating it altogether. However, Dianna Xu in the last panel stated how everything on the internet will never disappear. How accountable are we for our actions online? Should employers really be firing people over this sort of thing?

One Response
  1. Kalyn Schofield permalink
    April 25, 2009

    I guess their major concern is your trustworthiness as a worker. If you put company information on the web or behave in a disrespectful way to others that can be traced back to the company, through chatting with other facebook members, then your behavior becomes their problem. So I guess they try to hold everyone accountable for their own behavior both in person and online so that everyone will act the same way in both circumstances. In the company’s mind that woman was willing to stop working to go on facebook (Iphone or computer). In their mind she is getting paid to do a job for them that does not require being on facebook. When she choose facebook over her job they choose to fire her. I can’t really blame them…especially since she lied about her migraine.

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