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Multimedia Project: Cyberspace & Real Space Collage

Sorry, the image (“Glog”) is too large to embed…click on the preview image for the full project, please!

This project was my attempt at exploring the divide between my “real space” and cyberspace (or lack thereof), along with the idea that whatever we put online, stays online…its as though we can “log out” but never truly leave. For me, that’s a scary thought.

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  1. April 26, 2009

    Very interesting project. I like the repetition of “log in” and various log in screens. I also like what you say about the idea of being able to log out, but never able to leave. It makes me think about what’s around online when you’re not there: your blog posts, images, etc., and people kind of feel your presence through those in a strange way. I’ve even logged on to WoW and had people say, “Hey, we were just talking about you!” I’ve been online long enough, sadly, to have had a couple of bloggers I read regularly die. Their work is still online to be read forever, easily findable via Google. It’s kind of a spooky concept.

    You also include a couple of images of cyborgs that seem to suggest that this blurring between online and offline makes you cyborgian. I’d like to see more about that represented in the collage. I’m not sure how you’d represent that. Perhaps in addition to the virtual versions of yourself that you have there, you could also have real pictures of yourself or a superimposed image that blurs you and your virtual self.

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